Beyond Repair: 132 Years of Brutality in CA’s Youth Prisons

Author: Department of Criminal Justice Studies
October 26, 2023
SFSU 10.26 Screening & Panel
Photo Credit: Department of Criminal Justice Studies

To read a review of this event, see Volume 2 of The Annual Review of Criminal Justice Studies (

On October 26th, 2023, the Department of Criminal Justice Studies and the Center on Juvenile and Criminal Justice (CJCJ) hosted a film screening and panel discussion on the abusive history of California’s failed youth prison system. Together, we screened a portion of the documentary Tattooed Tears, which was filmed inside of the Youth Training School in Chino, CA in 1979. (Click the link below to watch the documentary). 

We also had an intergenerational panel discussion with former wards of the state on their experiences inside California’s youth prisons and the powerful work they are doing now for juvenile justice and policy advocacy. Those with experiential knowledge of these punitive systems are who we should be listening to as we attempt to imagine new futures beyond youth incarceration and towards investment.  

Finally, we also had historical photos available in the space. Below is a link to a slideshow with some of the photos we had on display at the event, along with some information for context. These photos are from CJCJ’s archive of historical documents and photos from these institutions.  

Thank you to our guest panelists: Edgar Ibarra Gutierrez, Claudia J. Gonzalez, Daniel Macallair, and Israel Villa for sharing with us their wisdom and experience. Thank you also to everyone who attended in person and on Zoom. We appreciate your attention and sensitivity to the subject. Thanks again to our partners and colleagues for their attendance and support. Special thanks to Kai Quach for the logistical and catering support. And thank you to Dr. Albert de la Tierra (“Professor Lobo”) and Tina Curiel for organizing this event.  


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