The Annual Review of Criminal Justice Studies

Our department is home to The Annual Review of Criminal Justice Studies (ARCJS), an open-access journal for the critical analysis of law, crime, and justice systems.

Authors who publish in ARCJS examine the complex relationships between criminal justice and broader political and economic processes. Our journal is a space where students examine the ideas that shape the conception, implementation, and transformation of laws and justice systems. Our contributors provide ethically reasoned perspectives on how these systems impact broader social issues and offer assessments of alternative solutions to problems associated with crime and delinquency.

We invite everyone to explore our latest volume by reading its contents and encourage all current students to join us in the pursuit of knowledge and justice. For we believe the production of knowledge can contribute to a more equitable and just society. 



Explore Our Latest Volume

We are thrilled to announce that Volume 2 is the product of a collaboration between the Department of Criminal Justice Studies at San Francisco State University and the Department of Sociology at John Jay College of Criminal Justice. This collaboration brought together students from two leading institutions in the field, sharpening the authors' analytical lenses and adding depth and breadth to the papers included. 

To read Volume 2 and learn more about the innovative work born from this collaboration, visit:

Join Our Team

Join Our Team

Do you think deeply about crime, law and justice systems? Are you interested in being a part of a diverse group of students who use critical scholarship to promote social justice? Join our team!

We’re looking for motivated students to join the editorial board of The Annual Review of Criminal Justice Studies. As a member of the board, you’ll have the chance to collaborate with peers and faculty, gain hands-on experience in academic publishing, and make a significant contribution to the field. 

If you’re interested in authoring for our next volume, we welcome your critical perspective and scholarly contribution. Reach out to us to learn more about how you can add your voice to a respected academic journal and impact the study and practice of criminal justice. 

For more information on becoming an editorial board member or an author, please contact us at We’re excited to hear from you and explore the possibilities of your involvement.