Criminal Justice Student Association

The Criminal Justice Student Association (or CJSA) is a student-run organization which helps support the Criminal Justice student body by planning informative meetings, events, and field trips pertaining to different aspects of criminal justice. One of the main goals of the CJSA is to help give direction to other students who may be graduating and not sure of their futures or students who are still unsure if the Criminal Justice major is a good fit for them. By planning events and bringing in members of the local law enforcement and legal community to speak with our student body, students are able to get a better sense of what kinds of jobs are available to them in the future and if it is something they would potentially invest in.

In addition, we plan tours and field trips to different locations within the Bay Area to let students get a better glimpse of the criminal justice system in action. The highlight of the year is a trip to San Quentin State Prison where students get an in-depth look at how the notorious prison is operated, a chance to meet with "lifers" and other inmates, as well as a better understanding of what happens to those who pass through the criminal justice system.

The CJSA encourages new ideas for events and is always ready to help other students and act as a resource available to them. We look forward to seeing all of the Criminal Justice department faculty and student body at our events! If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email us at

Upcoming Events